Benefits of Using Solo Ad Directory

Solo Ad DirectoryThere is no doubt that using solo ad directory carries with it certain benefits that you can never ignore. 

For starters, you have to determine what kind of list you want to build. Focus on using solo ad directory that contains premium solo ads.

This really works so it is wiser to seek this one out rather than seek a cheap seller filled with lousy leads that fail to deliver results.

Solo ad can convert to higher traffic to your site which means it has the ability to increase your business revenues. When these ads convert to sales you will earn more as a business owner.  

It is true that using solo ad directory can be a daunting task. You will get more email subscribers without investing a lot of money.

A powerful solo ad has the ability to bring in thousands of new email subscribers. The solo ad must be relevant to the email subscriber though.

For example if you are targeting a group of people who are dog lovers then you will likely get their attention by posting dog food ads.

You can actually do an ad swap. As the term implies, you get to swap a list with somebody who agrees to do the same. This can actually reduce the cost of paying and using solo ad directory. With this method you both mutually agree to place your two ads inside your common list.

Are you spending thousands of dollars just to test which of the solo ad sellers can provide you the best rates?

Conduct a research of your own to find out if the solo ad vendor that you want to buy from is a legitimate business. Those who are genuine will send you fresh leads of about a few thousands of email leads each day.

This means you will not likely find the same duplicate email leads that they have posted a month ago. Those that belong to the top sellers will send you an update about the status of your solo ads.

This may even include a screen shot that will show you the latest statistics. They will suggest on how to improve your campaign. Simply put, observe your provider customer care support.

Read a review that comes from real users since this will give you a great idea of where the solo ad provider stands.

Invest on growing your list as quickly as you can. Do not just remain using solo ad directory but start to sell solo ads. Visual stimulation of your growing list can motivate you to grow it further.

Try to find a way to know how many people were able to click on these ads. With this method you will be able to see the best and the worst.

Enjoy the best ones but do something about the worst ones by dropping these from your list. Try to modify your squeeze page to increase its performance.

Monitoring these movements is essential. The truth is that only about 2% of these list will likely click on your links.

However, this number is enough to sell a solo ad which will give you at least a hundred clicks a day. Simply put, the amount of time that you spend on building your list will show in the results.


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