Email Marketing and Pre-Launch

Email Marketing and Pre-Launch – Internet Marketing Methods To Make Your New Product a Success.

Email marketing used to be one of the best ways to market. Many people have moved away from this method because of the stigma of spam and how many people view sales letters and other promotional materials as spam mail.

However, if done correctly, it can become a great tool for generating interest in a new information product.  Follow the tips below to generate interest in your information product.

The first thing to do is to use an already established mailing list.

This provides you with the opportunity to present information to your clients and customers that have already purchased from you or agreed to receive information from you.

This is the first step to legitimately reaching your clients through email marketing. You can then move from there into reaching out to new potential customers.

There are a number of different message options when you consider applications for pre-launching info products. The first is to create entire sales letters. These are emails which work like advertisements. 

They highlight the various aspects of the information product being offered. They usually have graphics, colored texts and a variety of fonts designed to attract the eye to certain key points.

The second option is to include a smaller paragraph style advertisement in regular mailings, such as newsletters. You can also consider asking affiliate companies to place a small paragraph advertisement in their mailings to help market your new info product.

This is similar to reciprocal links so you may be asked to do the same for one of their products in pre-launch.

You can also make use of email marketing to offer a special deal on the product, such as pre-ordering options including discounts or coupon codes. You can offer to make these available to a certain number of guests.

This can help to not only market the product, but increase your conversion rates by encouraging these new visitors to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list.

Email marketing can be a great way to let people know about information products that you have coming out. They are also easy to store in either a folder or inbox, which can keep your product on the minds of your customers.

Emails also have a number of automation tools that make sending them out simple and easy and you can arrange to send them out on a specific schedule.

Email marketing makes an effective tool when looking into pre-launch strategies. You want to be able to reach your customers and the customers of your affiliates to expand your marketing base and emails are one of the easiest ways to do it.

Email marketing brings the ultimate element of planning to a pre-launch. It allows you to plan your messages, or entire campaigns, and even the customers you want to mail it to. Timing is everything when launching a new info product and using email marketing will help deliver your message directly to your customers quickly and promptly.


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