Pay Per View Ads- How Does It Work

Pay Per View AdsPay per view advertising online helps businesses reach their target audience.

True that they need to spend money but this is a normal part of doing business. As the saying goes, “in order to make money you have to spend money first”.

Pay per view advertising online works this way. As a business owner, you need to narrow down your target audience for the product or service that you offer.

You need to select specific keywords that will direct people to your website and therefore towards the service or product that you offer.

The process starts this way, one of your audience uses the main search engines.

Once they enter the keywords on the search box these pay per view advertising online will pop up. This helpfully directs users towards your site.

Try to link with sites that are relevant to your products or services. You have to set aside funds to bid for the choicest keywords.


Bid wisely on this. It is true that starting with a new campaign can be quite intimidating to say the least. This will only be true when you do not have the right information.

Being ignorant of what you are getting yourself into is what can make you afraid about this phase.

Pay per view advertising online is actually a combination of PPC or Pay per Click and CPM or Cost per Impression advertising techniques.

Simply put, when somebody views the page that houses the ads that are posted on your website, you get paid for this. These are sort of legal version of adware but this time readers who agree to view these ads are given free gifts or play free online games in exchange for viewing these ads.

Learn to choose the games that users like so that you can draw their attention to these freebies. Users need to be aware that they are not downloading a spyware.

This is one of the main concerns that some online users have that you must address accordingly. Among the three methods of advertising, pay per view advertising online is one of the most cost effective methods use on the internet today.

Here are some things that you need to remember when you deal with PPVs as they are called. Learn to monitor keywords and websites. Bid only on those that work.

After all, it would just be a waste of your time and money if you invest on something not worth your effort. Do keep your landing page messages straightforward. You can use videos and similar methods that can intrigue your users to check it out further.

Try to find a decent and reputable company that will offer you a great deal. You need to know if this company can help you address certain problems especially during the set-up process and thereafter.

PPV is an updated version of online marketing. Learn to build a solid campaign and set a realistic goal especially during the testing phase before you launch this campaign.

For all you know you might really laugh your way into the bank a few years down the road.


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