How Do You Make Money Blogging?

How Do You Make Money BloggingSome 20 years ago, the internet was just a tool to get information much like an encyclopedia but, the scope is much wider.

Most of the websites were simple and carry only one sided conversations. Later on the internet evolve into something more interactive and became a social web where users would come from different parts of the world. Out from this interaction was birthed blogs or web blog.

The early blogs were much like the internet. It looks more of a diary where the owner of the blog shares to the world his thoughts online.

Much later on however, these became sources of financial rewards and sponsorship. There are many success stories that you often read online about blogs that allow the owner to live a financially rewarding life.

So you made the decision to start to earn a decent living by tapping onto your blog. Not everybody is gifted with a passion for writing however if you can produce decent articles or pay somebody to translate your thoughts into your blog then it can be a great career option.

How do you make money blogging, you can be a part time blogger who uses blogging as a supplemental income. If you ever decide to go full time blogging you can either be a corporate blogger that works for a multinational company. You will know that you have breakthrough blogging when you reach the status of somebody who blogs for the company that you own.

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

For starters, after asking the question how do you make money blogging, the next thing that you need to do is to know that there are actually several approaches to blogging.

How do you make money blogging, it can be either one of these, by going freelance or being employed by a well-established company that pays you good money?

In these two choices being employed as a blogger is a good way to start your living. Later on you can start your own blog from scratch when you have the funds to do so.

If truth be told it is not easy to leave a mark on the internet and established a name for you as a blogger. It will take some time in order to build an audience that will push you into success.

Most of the successful blogs right now started in the mid-2000s or earlier than this. How do you make money blogging? You have to strive to be patient. You have to work on your blog. To give you an idea, those who are earning four figure income from professional blogging are a minority few. Only about 4% of professional bloggers are earning more than $10,000.

The success of your blog will depend on several factors such as how dedicated you are as a blogger; do you plan to blog consistently? Your blog must be filled with high quality content not just some random musings that does not make sense even to your readers. You need to find a niche or topic that you are good at and build an online audience from this.


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