Top Five Email Marketing Reviews Myths

Email Marketing ReviewsEmail marketing is one of the oldest tools use by marketers since the birth of the internet.

There was a time when sending an email is done for personal reasons or for just internal office or business correspondence until such time that marketers have realize how email can be a powerful tool to help them bring in more business opportunities.

Later on there are a lot of suggestions on how to improve email marketing campaigns; some of these are good but some of these are bad.

The truth is that there are conflicting opinions about what works and what does not. What came about are several email marketing reviews myths that proliferate because of this and we concentrate on the top five myths.

One of the number one myths according to email marketing reviews is that consumers are simply chocked up with these email campaigns as a result these type of campaign is dead.

This is quite far from the truth and has no basis. The truth is that there are a greater number of individuals who only received just barely 3% or less from their favorite brands. Another email marketing reviews shares that this may be the reason why some marketers think that inactive users will remain so if they do not respond within 6 months.

The truth is that about 20% of these consumers who open their email will likely open their email after hibernating for quite some time. This reinforces the plain and simple fact that email marketing is still alive and kicking.

Still another myth goes this way, consumers often click these emails as spam. The truth is that not all consumer who receives these would be trigger happy enough to label these as spam mail. Consumers often prefer less of these but this does not mean that they would just trash everything that they will received from their favorite brand.

Focus on the word favorite. Most of these consumers who patronize a particular brand would want to know the latest updates, product offers coming from their favorite brand. They would gladly check out what they can buy for that respective period.

Spam words should be avoided or else these emails will land on the junk or spam mails. According to email marketing reviews, the truth is that if consumers will click on these it and they open it just to read, this will not be labelled as spam at all.

Gmail for instance helpfully categorizes these offers in another label thus it will not land as spam mail. As a marketer do not fall into the trap of thinking about consumer statistics as just merely numbers. Focus not just the quantity but the quality of emails that you send.

This will result to repeat consumers if you show consumers how you value them and their opinion. Customer loyalty equates to greater revenues. This is one of the hard fact that marketers should always remember.

As you study these data analysis check out what consumers prefer. Learn to create the right subject line that will capture consumers attention.

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