Aug 23

How Using Web Analytics Can Help You To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Profits

Web Analytics

If it comes to know if your online business or effort is doing good, tracking is the common word.
All online business need available tracking tools to monitor his online effort and know if it is doing good or not.

In the affiliate marketing world there are also statistics that you need to keep your eye on.
Results or data coming from formal tracking campaign can help you discover secrets that you can use for other campaigns or weaknesses that you might want to address before you lose your money.

Here is a short list of the most important information to keep track of:
Page Views(PV) or page impression is a request to load a single HTML file (‘page’) of an Internet site. Like what the term denotes, this refers to the number of visitors that dropped by your site.

The number you will get serves as a gauge which pages of your site are working or not. It can also give you an idea which offers catch the interest of the people.
Total Visits: Estimated number of times a site is accessed by unique visitors, either worldwide or from the country you’ve selected.

(If a user is inactive on a site for 30 minutes or more, any future activity will be considered a new visit.) The name of the game in affiliate marketing is driving tons of traffic to your website.

The total visits figure will tell you how many people visited your pages in the past 24 hours. You also have to check the total visits of your website.

You have to be conscious of figures that reflect conversions that spell profit and bounced traffic. Basing on these numbers you can set your goals and revise your marketing plan.
Referrers: the referrer or referring page is the URL of the previous webpage from which a link was followed. More generally, a referer is the URL of a previous item which led to this request.

The referer for an image, for example, is generally the HTML page on which it is to be displayed.
You have to know where your traffic is coming from so you can further capitalize on the available opportunities.

What chunk of your traffic comes from search engines, links you have formed, or how many directly landed on your pages.

This information can give you a hindsight and foresight of which works in delivering traffic and which products are effective.
Keywords- You have to target keywords that are bringing you more visits and are giving you lead or sales.
Once you know how to monitor your statistics and interpret your web analytics, you can use these to improve your presence on the net and ultimately your profit.
You will learn techniques to maximize the numbers you encounter as you go along the way of affiliate marketing. It will be vital to capitalize on the opportunities as reflected in the spike of hits and sales.

There will also be indicators which you can use when deciding if you need to let go of an unprofitable affiliate marketing campaign.

P.S: You can use the following tracking sources to track your ads and campaigns:
– Google analystics
– prosper202
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